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    Welcome!! Right now, I'm undergoing BeST program thus as a start, I'm dedicating my blog for sharing of experiences and knowledge obtained throughout this program. But I'll also share about other things that revolve around me later. Do visit from time to time and leave your comments!! =)

    09.12.2010 - 10.10.2010

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010
    Today I learned something new on something that I've done so many times before...The meeting..
    I usually didn't like the long, long and long lengthy meetings..Mostly if it was at night because if it dragged overtime until midnight, I felt like the bed was calling for me and the eyes felt so heavy too..I don't mind if the meeting was dragged because of things weren't settled yet, but I would mind if it is because of other unnecessary things..Coming back to the topic, this is why conducting effective meeting is important so that every decisions and discussions are effectively handled. We need to be ready before going into a meeting. In this case, we should know the agenda of the meeting that we're going to so that we will be able to participate in the discussion and this also helps us to make a fast and good decision for the company.

    Having graduated from universities and colleges, of course it is a goal for all the BeST participants to be able to enter the employment market. But to get into a company or to get any job, normally we have to go through the process of interview, right? One thing that will help us to get picked for an interview is a nice, attractive and well-written resume and cover letter. Thus in today's session, we were taught on how to create a good resume for ourselves. A good resume or a good cover letter does not necessarily consisted of high-vocabulary words (eventhough it is an advantage if you have good vocab), it's the way you write it, the way you organize your informations and things in them.


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