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    Welcome!! Right now, I'm undergoing BeST program thus as a start, I'm dedicating my blog for sharing of experiences and knowledge obtained throughout this program. But I'll also share about other things that revolve around me later. Do visit from time to time and leave your comments!! =)

    09.12.2010 - 10.10.2010

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010
    Today I learned something new on something that I've done so many times before...The meeting..
    I usually didn't like the long, long and long lengthy meetings..Mostly if it was at night because if it dragged overtime until midnight, I felt like the bed was calling for me and the eyes felt so heavy too..I don't mind if the meeting was dragged because of things weren't settled yet, but I would mind if it is because of other unnecessary things..Coming back to the topic, this is why conducting effective meeting is important so that every decisions and discussions are effectively handled. We need to be ready before going into a meeting. In this case, we should know the agenda of the meeting that we're going to so that we will be able to participate in the discussion and this also helps us to make a fast and good decision for the company.

    Having graduated from universities and colleges, of course it is a goal for all the BeST participants to be able to enter the employment market. But to get into a company or to get any job, normally we have to go through the process of interview, right? One thing that will help us to get picked for an interview is a nice, attractive and well-written resume and cover letter. Thus in today's session, we were taught on how to create a good resume for ourselves. A good resume or a good cover letter does not necessarily consisted of high-vocabulary words (eventhough it is an advantage if you have good vocab), it's the way you write it, the way you organize your informations and things in them.

    How To Reach An Audience Through Blogging

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Today, I was assigned to write an entry on "How To Reach An Audience Through Blogging". 300 words seem a lot to me since I've left the time when I used to write essays (clearly school + university years) for quite some time (even before I always had trouble cracking up my heads for good choices of words so I really admire those who are gifted in writing). But since this is just for blog, it's not like someone's going to evaluate my writing skills, yeah, I'll just write the way I'm capable of. As long as the readers understand, even if it is not beautifully written. Moreover, I already spent some words on the introduction, so there's not much left to write. hehe. :p
    In my opinion, generally blog serves these purposes; it is a platform for a person to express his/her thoughts or opinions on something, to let out the pent up feeling/emotions that can't be expressed on other people and also to deliver and share information and knowledge with others. In return, the responds given can eventually helps to solve problem or calm down a person and also blog becomes a channel that links people together and helps broadening the circle of friendship. 

    No matter what is your objective for starting a blog, obviously the main concern in the subject of blogging will be the audiences or the readers. Most people write because they want others to read it. So, what should you do in order for your blog to be appealing enough thus allowing your messages to be conveyed to the audience?

    One of it involves the use of good visual elements on your blog page. Visual elements include:      
    • Images/video - It is best to incorporate some images/video in your entry. Besides making your post more attractive, they also assist in clarifying any statements you make.
    • Combination of visual elements that make up a blog (fonts, background) - Avoid using really small font size so that all the words can be easily read. Choosing the right font colour for your background is also an essential step in creating a post. For example, you can't use a dark colour of font if you are using dark background for your blog. How do you expect people to read when they can't even see a thing?
    • Widgets - Widgets can be seen all around the blog page (left/right side, top/bottom of page). By adding widgets, your page won't look just plain and boring because they come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Moreover, widgets also have their own functions other than acting just like another visual elements on your page. For example, a music playing widget allows audience to listen to songs while browsing through your blog. It doesn't hurt to put in some effort to search for these widgets.
     A blogger should know who is the target readers for his/her blog. After identifying the type of readers, then only he/she will be able to determine the style of writing that fulfills the need or the qualification of the readers. This is important so that the messages to be delivered reach the target. A blogger should try to adapt himself/herself into the audiences' point of view. If the target readers are professional people, maybe the style of writing that involves uses of high-level vocabulary is not a problem. They can still understand the statements made. However, some people are more used to simple language. For them, it is best to use simple,easy and understandable words. A well-written post is not necessarily constructed of high-level language, what matters is how are you able to convey your message. It is more important that the audiences understand things you're trying to tell and they can relate to them as well.

    I am the BeST Prodigy!!!

    Monday, December 6, 2010
    Salam + hello guys..
    Anyone wondering how can I claim myself to be a prodigy?
    But first, let's see the image below...

    Is it a song? Is it a poem? 
    Nope, it certainly isn't. It is actually my group cheer.
    I'm joining the Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Special Training (BeST) program right now and on the 1st day of communication module, all of the participants were divided into our own respective groups. We picked 'Prodigy' as the name of our group consisting of 8 members (me, Mash, Liyana, Amirah, Asma, Redzuan, Syawal and Ezwan). This explains the title for the entry. Haha I'm not claiming myself a prodigy for no reason. All the members are nice. In fact, all of the participants are really, really friendly towards one another and this kind of environment is really positive for me to continue my journey towards the end of this program. I will survive! like the title+lyric of a song said.

    I was also able to learn few new things from my group members. Some of them even know Japanese language and able to write their names in Japanese. Wah, I'm so impressed. I know I'll be learning more things from them, other participants and also the trainers as time passes by. I'll let you guys know later.

    That's all for now. Like always, Daaaaaaaaaaaa


    Haha...Is the title weird....?? That's what i felt when i tried to think of what kind of post i wanted to create. Hrm it's just not that easy + I'm not a fan of writing.Writing a post needs creativity which i'm kind of lacking..It also requires some thinking; how do I write, how to attract people, how do I make it interesting (certainly the process involves the usage of good words, illustrations)...Otherwise it won't be interesting. But I'll do my best in trying to create a post. As I wrote before, all these things will teach me to become more creative along the way. I guess..huhu

    Okay. Actually not everything is negative. I did have fun surfing the internet, browsing for the widgets/gadgets to be added to my blog. Wow there were lots of templates to choose from, also other things such as the analog/digital clock and also the date widgets. My eyes were tired and dizzy from looking through all those colourful, pretty things. It was hard to make the choice but still, I made my decision. In addition, I can always change them later so no regret. =) I think I have an idea of what to put up for my next entry, so look forward to it. 


    Finally, I'm here..!!!!

    Friday, December 3, 2010

    03.12.2011. The emergence of a new chapter in the life of 'me'. 1st time blogging+posting. Who would have thought that I'll ever join the blogger family. Even so, this is really not a bad experience. In fact, I find it interesting and useful in the sense of becoming more creative in customizing the blog and expressing our thoughts, opinions and experiences. Besides, blog also acts as a medium that connects people to one another. Though it sorts of killing me from the 'brain drain'. :p I'm not really a good writer but it's worth trying I guess. I just hope that my blog will not end up with just this one post. Let this positive feeling remains for long. =) <3<3<3

    Okay. I guess that is all for now. I'm looking forward to my next post. Thank you to anyone that is willing to read this piece of mine. Lastly, I'm new here and willing to improve so please feel free to leave me your advice or comment. 

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